Boilermaker Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System

The system gives quick and easy access to the most current information available concerning your health and welfare benefits, eligibility, claims processing, annuity account, and other fund benefits; 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

You may also use the voice response system to request certain materials such as claim forms, brochures, and preferred provider information.

The Boilermaker Interactive Response (IVR) System is intended to be a convenience with Standard Time, 913-342-6555 questions may do so by calling during their normal business hours, 8am-4pm, Central time.

How to use the system: From a touch-tone phone, dial 800-242-5444.
You will need your Social Security Number and a PIN (Personal Identification Number).  

Your PIN may be obtained from the same phone number. 


When planning to retire, contact
less than three months prior to
your planned retirement date to
allow for processing of your
retirement benefits.  Direct
deposits are available and are
applied to your account on the first
business day of each month